Imperial Electrics

SEPT 2020

“Your service definitely works as I got myself plenty of leads”

Matthew James Decorating

JUNE 2020

The cc trade list has been fantastic for my business having been a member of checkatrade paying
extortionate fees I thought I would give the trade list a go. I was hesitant at first but in the first
weeks I made my money back tenfold once my first 3 months run out, I extended it for a further 6
months and it has been even more successful a real game changer for me.


JUNE 2020

I have been part of CC Trades List for a short while and still chuckling to myself at what value
for money it is! Paid for itself (a full year) within a week and constantly continues to bring in
great enquiries from lovely local customers. Don't know how it works as I'm no good at I.T
BUT I click on a button to share my business Facebook posts to CC List and away it goes.
Brilliant advertising vehicle, best value around and Stefan is always available to help out if
any questions need answered. Thanks again John Moutter.

Downlight Electrical

JUNE 2020

“I’ve been a member of CC for appx 18 months & considering it costs, under £200 a year, we get at
least that in revenue every month from various different job types. Plus Stefan will always help
members connect with jobs. When our renewal comes around it’s always a no brainer”


JUNE 2020

“We paid our last subscription for 6 months in 1 go, and its repaid that fee 83x over in the last
couple of months” Jamie Morgan

Two Trees Landscapes

MAY 2020

“The service really does work well” Two Trees Landscapes - May 2020

Cartley Landscape Supplies

MAY 2020

 “Stefan, the best thing I’ve ever done is to join the Camberley trades list as most of my
business comes from you. Your level of service has always been worth every penny, So thank you”

JW Landscapes

MAY 2020

After a week of signing up to the cc trades list, we have been fortunate enough to receive many successful opportunities. We are extremely satisfied with our decision to sign up, and hope things continue as our business develops. Thank you personally to Stefan for being a great support. We are excited for the future.

MRG Electrical

MAY 2020

I was hesitant to sign up with the CC trades list, as from past experience I have paid a lot of money
for advertising and not really got many rewards from it. But after speaking to Stefan and starting with
a 3-month plan I couldn’t be happier. I received great support and was shocked by how many
people were seeing my posts and how much work I received from sharing on the groups. I have
now signed up for a year and will always recommend to fellow tradesmen to sign up as it has helped
my business so much.

Shining Shays Cleaners

FEB 2020

“I’ve had 4 new clients approach me today and its all through the CC Trades List so thank you so much.
All 4 leads have turned to jobs so i have already earnt back my listing fee and the daily advertising fee”

Mark Hurst - Gadget Wizards

 FEB 2020

The CC Trades has been a New Venture and amazing one. I have spoken to Stefan from day one. They have a very professional approach since i first spoke to him. Quick response which is always effective and required when running a business. Great advice offered as well. The professionalism makes all the difference and makes you feel more confident that I am making the right decisions for advertising and where money is being used more effectively. I can not recommend them enough. So thanks for your professional approach.

Fur & Purr Pet Sitting

JAN 2020

“Stefan and his team are brilliant. They go above and beyond to help you, and their response rate is
always super quick! My business has flown off the ground thanks to being a member of the trades list!
My next step is to attend one of their breakfast meetings. Thankyou Stefan and co!”

James Ward - JW Window Cleaning

AUG 2019

“Hi, Just to let you know it’s been going well since I came on board. I must have had over 20 jobs
from the sites now”

Craig Dorner - Evolution Cleaning

JULY 2019

“Absolutely amazing response non stop quotes enquires thanks”

Rob Clare-Campbell - Game Heads

JUNE 2019

“Thanks for the CC Groups. Get a fair amount of business through them ”

Shannon Long - AM Interior Projects

MAY 2019

“So it just over a week, we have done a plastering job, will be fixing a kitchen tile & have done a quote
for a bathroom thank you so much for letting us on the trades list! Already got our money back ”

Dannii Sanders - Elegant Eyes

SEPT 2019

“Within the first day of using the CC selling sites I had gained business, perfect way to network,
increase your brand awareness and drive business. I would recommend this to anyone with a
business or starting a new business”

James Robinson

FEB 2019

“I’ve had quite a lot of work from it and also people Liking my page which obviously spreads the word
even more. I’m very glad I signed up”

Complete Building Surrey

MARCH 2018

“Within the first 4 weeks we have priced work into the thousands, directly from being on the CC list
which for us is great & we have completed 3 jobs”

Adaar Steven - A One Plastering

MARCH 2018

“Stefan thank you for your efforts, works well, busiest I’ve been in a long time”

Cartley Landscape Supplies

APRIL 2019

“Still the best decision I made joining your group - thanks”

Leon Mail - Carpet Cleaner

FEB 2018

“this January has been the busiest January I’ve experienced in almost 15 years”

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